Catching Summer…….

summer. it was golden….. it was spent under the warmth of the sun, it was spent among wild peppermint and queen annes lace, among the pines and the magnolias…… we collected river rocks and feathers of every size and color……. we spent days of doing absolutely nothing and days that were so entirely full. coffee was consumed in the early morning hours, before the sun was fully awake. our home was teeming with life. with contentment. and some days, with calamity. life was life, summer was summer. it was rich. disastrous. plenty. peaceful. serious. whimsical. it was this and so, so much more. a summer with my babes. with new memories that will be stored deep within my mind. that i will grasp wholly, entirely. as we go into a new season that will arrive soon, we will take our golden summer and spill it into our copper autumn.

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** a recap of our summer in photos.



i have dreams and hopes for the new year. not resolutions. i want to create a space that brings a bit of euphoria to myself and those around me. i have hopes of peace and unity, hopes of delight and exhilaration, hopes of passion and emotion.

i have dreams of enchantment…….of mystery……..of counting stars and wishing upon them in the summer sky. i have dreams of a renewal much like nature anticipates the return of spring and budding blossoms. i have dreams of a garden that has been nourished from the new rain. to have a garden so full of spiced aroma but with sweetness of honeysuckle.

i have a yearning to create more in the new year. whether it be a warm fig compote, late summer heirloom tarts………or putting together an arrangement of peonies and columbines……..finding the perfect antique piece that will grow with tradition and my babes.

the new year will bring more story telling……perhaps of the midnight fairies gently painting the petals to create the crisp fern and celadon ┬ácolor they receive. or the reconciliation of the long feud between the fire breathing dragons and the archaic knights.

i have hopes that the new year brings elation for my children. i hope they learn and conquer new lessons. i hope they continue to grow in who God wants them to be. i hope to continue to be the tool that God has chosen to mold and nurture my babes. i want their personalities, their very lovely traits, to grow into something beautiful. i want them to retain courage and aspiration, to retain imaginations not to be limited, to retain confidence and tranquility.

this is what i hope and dream for in the new year………..

Garden House

saturday love


w o n d e r


Caramel-Dulce De Leche Marshmallows **made by yours truly

h e a r t


7 Inspiring Quotes for Celebrating the New Year....the 2nd one is my favorite, but they are all good



each photo is quite allegorical to me, something to anticipate in the new year…..dreams, hope, love, growth, renewal, mystery, enchantment……..

with each new year brings a new chapter to your story. my story. our story. my new year will have a new voice………