Catching Summer…….

summer. it was golden….. it was spent under the warmth of the sun, it was spent among wild peppermint and queen annes lace, among the pines and the magnolias…… we collected river rocks and feathers of every size and color……. we spent days of doing absolutely nothing and days that were so entirely full. coffee was consumed in the early morning hours, before the sun was fully awake. our home was teeming with life. with contentment. and some days, with calamity. life was life, summer was summer. it was rich. disastrous. plenty. peaceful. serious. whimsical. it was this and so, so much more. a summer with my babes. with new memories that will be stored deep within my mind. that i will grasp wholly, entirely. as we go into a new season that will arrive soon, we will take our golden summer and spill it into our copper autumn.

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** a recap of our summer in photos.