gouttes de pluie……….raindrops

“gouttes de pluie” = raindrops. rain. i have needed it so bad, almost as bad as our very dry land. my soul needed it. i too have been feeling quite parched, dried out even. but with the rain was brought something magical. i listened to it dance on the rooftop. it is a music that cannot be copied. i was alone in the house, my husband taking all of the kids out so i can nurse this migraine that has given me such a blow. it was peaceful. i had a candle lit, allowing a redolence in the air, a trace of mistletoe and kissed juniper with a slight hint of musk.

i was alone with my thoughts. i meditated for as long as i could stand it. i prayed. i talked with God. i was thankful. i was content. the rain was pouring, it was pouring as if the Heavens opened up the dove gray clouds and poured a vase of water onto us.

i just sat and listened at this point. i was completely marveled at the beauty of nature and i wanted to soak that feeling in. i wanted to feel it from my toes to my suffering migraine. gray skies have always brought a pleasantness to my life. rain……even more so.

it brings a sign of whats to come. shedding leaves, bare branches, plants with no flowering, will soon be green again. will soon flower again. this rain nurtures us just as much as it does our land. we need it.

rainy days bring a bit of whimsy and romance. a lit fire. hands……..one pair…. soft, pale, rounded cuticles with chipped nail polish…….the other pair……rougher, larger knuckles, scarring, …..both entwined with one another. expressing a love story that our hands alone could tell.

my babes so giddy at the sound of rain hitting their windows and exclaiming just how well they were going to sleep because the “beauty rain” (as they lovingly call it) is so peaceful. its like nature reading them a bedtime story.

thank you rain. thank you for nourishing us.

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