…….themed Christmas……

i have adored the woodland theme for quite some time and chose to use this as a guide in my Christmas theme. i never do some outrageous colors or soft pastels, nothing over the top. it is always an au naturel palette around here, usually all white, with as much natural finds i can allow, sprigs of rosemary and juniper here and spruce and pine there, nothing too sparkly, nothing glitter-y.

i love getting ready for Christmas. i love little hands helping. i love the magic of it all.

i love these photos and all that they radiate


northerine pine wall tapestry / anthropologie


i would totally leave this tapestry up all winter



i have some of these ornaments and i love them. not just for looks, but i have a set of curious little hands and i have no worry of them shattering, etc.

noel 2014


these are pretty awesome……..

noel 2014




Magical Winter Wonderland Decorative Glass Dome with Christmas Trees


Winter wreath by Babes in Boyland


i seriously dig this wreath…….



love this simple setting…….

Fresh greenery for a table runner makes for sweet simplicity. White plates and antique silverware paired against worn wooden tables create a romantic table setting. Photo by Scott Michael Photography. Via @100 Layer Cake


this table setting is perfect…..made for a wedding, but how easy to transition this to a holiday setting. rustic, raw and pure…….

H&M christmas decor


h&m and i have such a lovely relationship 😉 thats all i shall say….



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