……giving of thanks…..

i thought a lot about tradition and how very much i would love for my family to have some sort of tradition each holiday…….i couldnt think of one, i certainly did not want to force one…….

it hit me…….i think of tradition as being these quirky little things and ideas that “normal” families have…..perhaps writing one thing down each thanksgiving on what we’re thankful for and sharing with one another, maybe gifting a small something to each person, etc.

but, with each holiday that requires an insane amount of cooking, you will find me in the kitchen, probably using profanity under my breath because i have burnt my hand or dropped the entire carton of eggs and broke every.single.one and who wants to go to the store with 4 kids the day before thanksgiving……for eggs?

how about the same people, showing up late for every.single.holiday. i can always count on that.

i can also always count on my oldest praying over our meal and it makes me so proud, nothing rehearsed, nothing forced, au naturel.

i think about all of these things and think that these very things are the start to our traditions. and it is all very much fine with me. its real. its us. and the start of our traditions are focused on us, on my little family.

tomorrow we will enjoy a buttermilk cornbread, infused with thyme and lavender, complete with sage sausage to make a delicate stuffing. accompanied with honeyed butter rolls, served warm with honey infused butter. the infamous bird, the turkey. buttered and spiced with lavender, thyme, marjoram, cloves and peppercorn, with the crispest of skin and juiciest of meat. as our meal lingers, so will our sweets. we shall have double layered spiced pumpkin and mascarpone  cheesecake, spiced with saigon cinnamon, cloves and sweet nutmeg, topped with fresh whipped cream. also a bourbon and dark cocoa bundt will be presented, made with crystallized coffee, tennessee whiskey and raw sugars, topped with a bourbon caramel glaze and sea salt. im currently getting talked into making some capped mushrooms, fried in butter and garlic with a touch of rosemary……probably will……..

i am so thankful for so many things, but what i treasure most in this world are my babes. God blessed me tremendously with these little lovers of mine and i could never imagine a single day without them.

happy thanksgiving……..xoxo


2 thoughts on “……giving of thanks…..

  1. Beautiful Holiday meal set for company and friends like me….who were not invited, you know I would have been on time dear!
    All kidding aside, your meals sounds wonderful and memorable. I know how hard it is with juggling so much to preparing for the holiday Turkey. But for some reason you seam to pull it all together and make it sound so poetically planned, beautifully arranged.

    I love that you tell your stories with such soul, and truth. You my dear friend need to write a book on perhaps your holidays growing up and passing it on to your family.
    What a beautiful journey of your life, and struggles. Your book would enlighten us all to what is real life, and the beauty of it my dear would be the beautiful outcome in how beautifully told your life stories would be told.

    I am not sure I visit a blog that has so few following comments as yours, and how well you write, so many out here are truly missing out on such heart warming feelings that soothes one being.

    I am going to tell some friends to come read your stories…. I hope you saved a piece of Cheesecake for me Ashley?

    See you soon


  2. Hello Ashley, my friend Doré suggested I come visit you. I am delighted I have and I look forward to leisurely sitting down to enjoy your past posts. I too pride myself in time management and it is extremely rude when someone disrespects time and holds no value to it… Yes you hit a hot button for me! Really enjoyed the read of this post. I will visit you often.

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