the sun was bright this morning….no breeze, no songs of birds. the sun started to fade, a breeze picked up and the earth was alive with singing birds, it was almost spring-like. my heart danced….i do enjoy the cloudy skies…..always have.

i opened every window i could to allow nature in my home….the scent, the coolness, the shadows of gray skies against my snow white walls. things were a bit different today. my sweet baby wanted his mama all day…….he is as busy as they come, a lot like his older brother when he was quite young. but he wanted to nurse all day…..linger in my arms a bit longer……twirl his little fingers in my hair to put hisself to sleep.

as i watched him frequent the open window, it was so picturesque. the breeze gently moved his messy hair about, his little chubby hands on the screen as if to grab every piece of nature and keep it all his own. he heard the birds talking and he pointed his little finger out…..”where are you little birdie” as i imagine his thoughts. the clouds moved faster to cover the sun and he would run back to me smiling.

as i watched his every perfection, i knew that i wanted to capture that very moment…..the way he stared at me, his magical little being.


far from a “perfect” picture….but this is what is perefct to me…for me

sparrow17months (2)

his face of intent

sparrow17months (3)

he has his daddys feet….little porkchops is what we lovingly call them

sparrow17months (4)

his gentle little hands that will one day turn into those of a man…a bit rougher, tales of hard work, no longer fitting into the palms of his mamas hand

sparrow17months (5)

his sweet face….his perfect eyebrows

sparrow17months (6)

his face of hurt feelings……

sparrow17months (7)


sparrow17months (8)

dissecting his lunch and mashing it between his fingers

sparrow17months (9)


sparrow17months (10)


sparrow17months (11)

my heart…..my sweet Sparrow Moon


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