Thoughts Collected

my thoughts collected as of september 1st till now.

early morning rush.

3 hours of homework. 2 of which belong to one child.


coffee driven.






clean home.


mischievous baby.


wishing more hours in the day.

loving myself.

finding my worth.

who am i.

prayers for my children.

prayers for my husband…..prayers for me.

short days.

long nights.






what else is there.


Recycle a vintage frame - hang picture using clothes pin on rope. No glass needed - would work great for kid's art work too.


i really like this image. its kinda me. i feel a bit weathered sometimes. tired. lived through seasons and it shows. i wear some of my past. but the winter tree is me too. waiting for something new. to be refreshed. waiting for a new season. waiting to be green. knowing my past and all that i have seen. heard. anticipating more. spreading my branches. reaching out.





3 thoughts on “Thoughts Collected

  1. Oh Ashley, your pain and sorrow felt, in fact not sure if you believe me when I say this writing has me truly choked up, on the verge of tears, in fact a wetness has formed in my eyes, and it’s taking all my might to not cry today. I have lived this pain not once but several times, one being my father when he passed, and it was only 14 at the time, but deeply investing in indulging myself with heartache. Later his mother, then his father. Knowing that he being the only child lessened the link to our given name, the name I hold as my family name sake.

    I can’t imagine the pain you went through but truly know in compassion to what I went through its a pain that has no comparisons and your pain is felt.
    You write so beautifully and imagined myself with a pressed face against the rain dropped glass, I imagined myself in your place, I imagined the many thoughts that ran through your head without even comprehending what was going on. It’s a deep dark place to have to suffer a loss, but do know time does place our hearts on rest, and the good and sad memories are held dearly tucked away for when we need them.

    I want to thank you for this post, my favorite in weeks, why? Because it just reminds us how previous life is, and how beautiful life is.

    Blessings to you and your family.
    Ashley, you need to write a book, your story’s are heartfelt.


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