Small Home, Big Ideas

after searching and searching (about 70+ homes) myself, a two year old and an 8 month old stumbled upon a home. a home that didnt necessarily thrill me from the looks of the outside. i only agreed to look at the home because it was in the area of another potential home. myself, two children and real estate agent couldnt even step-foot inside due to a miscommunication with the seller, so i looked in any window that allowed a view inside. after looking in about four windows, i called my husband at work and told him that i wanted to make an offer on the home, a home i only saw through windows and he said “let’s do it”.

once i was able to do a walk through….i fell….fell hard. yes the kitchen was painted an awful peach, yes the bathroom tile was the same peach and brown, yes some of the ceilings were covered with gross cardboard tile and there was no central a/c (yes, a luxury that seems to be a must during these california summers).

i have the ability however to see more. i did see those things and perhaps that is why the house was on the market for so long, but what i truly saw were the original heart of pine wood floors, the craftsman style built-ins, the simply fantastic brick fireplace, the antique floor furnace, bay windows, original antique crown molding, i even fell for the quirkiness of the doorways. when others ran, i accepted, i loved, i nurtured.

fast forward 7 years and adding two more children. i must mention this is a two bedroom, ONE BATH home (gasp!!) 80+ in age and 1400 sq.ft. was perfect in size at the time, but it is growing a bit small these days. i have heard a lot over the years from various people who live in the same “cookie-cutter” houses, same sq.footage, no charm, same floor plan, nothing quirky, same gardening scheme, etc. etc. i just cant follow that path folks, that is not where my heart is. my heart belongs to the homes that have been loved and have much more love to give.

lately, quite a bit, we have contemplated moving. more space, new environment, new town, but the same quirkiness and love that we have grown so use to. i dont have it in me to sell my home right now, i have poured everything i have and then some to make this home i have. renting is an option and in the winning, but i even have a hard time with that. i dont want random people in and out, people who dont quite appreciate the memories made in this home, people who dont care for this home like they should….like i do. ughh, whats a girl to do?!

i was cruising pinterest and you know, there are so many lovely spaces! i need to add the photos that im totally digging in this post. there is so much inspiration out there and whether i rent or sell, these are ideas that are totally keeping me up at night. while im here, i will continue to make my space, our space, more livable and enjoyable, no matter how small.

From the Living With Kids Home Tour featuring Kat Hertzler.


i adore the huge chalkboard. i painted a section of a wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint and it is used almost daily, anything from shopping lists to drawings from the kids. i love the painted legs of the table and how the top is kept rustic. mason jars with chalkboard tags? yes

Cool window...


i love white…..i truly love it. a little known fact about my home…majority of it is white, by my own accord and it is completely doable with 4 kids. the white in this room with exposed wood, i dont think it gets any better and the use of the shelving from the wood, a total space saver.

(vintage-house blog on pinterest)

a tall, slender cabinet like this is perfect for my home to provide more storage. once again, the white is the perfect shade and really makes the aqua color on the wheels pop. the flooring is way cool and provides a softer element with all of the heavenly chipped paint.



i really want something like this for the kids crafts and such. super cool



this one too….pure goodness. and a huge mirror which allows a room to appear larger.

f r e n c h  f a r m h o u s e


i really love the idea of getting a big ‘ol work table, pulling up a couple of benches and calling it a day. the table above has a pull out drawer, how handy to have and put silverware, napkins etc. complete with a simple flower arrangement. definitely my style.



this little space is perfect. having a small awkward space is not uncommon in older homes. however, smaller spaces should not go un-noticed or be neglected. this is perfect for a little office area or homework station. add a couple of plants, some vintage coffee cans for crayons, pencils, etc.

Beautiful Bedroom


more built-ins and more tones of white.


so, this perfect. i have nothing else to say.



the sink is rad. it reminds me of a quiche dish and i love the table base. rustic wood. snow white brick. fixtures attached to the wall. love

love the rustic look of the wood


great storage. great sink. great fixtures. great colors. i adore this space


i could add many more photos, but i will stop here. xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Small Home, Big Ideas

  1. Hi Ashley,
    Thank you for your beautiful comment left for my French iron post. I love the kitchen with the cabinet with the industrial wheels on it, and that bathroom sink made of wood painted French blue with the industrial pipe base, I could so be inspired to create some of these looks in my home, I hope you share all the creative changes In Your home.

    See you soon and all that you inspire.


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