Owls & Overalls

2 words…..2 words that excite me. I know the owl theme has been around for awhile and I have thought their “cute” but would not inherit here in my home decor choice because everyone has them or uses them. Then, the popularity kinda fell flat and thankfully it did, because now I’m really diggin’ the style……there are owl candles, bedding, pottery, masks, etc. and I find myself not purposely looking, but they find a way into my home. Chic way to decorate for Fall too.

For the 2nd word….overalls. They have made a comeback in a B I G way and that folks, totally gets me thrilled. I have forever and ever loved overalls and was completely okay that I was the only one who liked them. When I was younger, I faithfully rocked my grams’ vintage Ben Davis overalls……A L L * T H E * T I M E.

2 things on my Fall must-haves Owls & Overalls.

Graphic Owl Duvet  http://fab.com/sale/2653/product/53815/


Gorgeous Mask.  VELVET OWL MASK by TheseWoods on Etsy, $389.00

(thesewoods on Etsy)

I don't care if it makes me the biggest hipster in the world to admit this: I love these plates.There. I said it.

(west elm)

Found this and had to pin it somewhere. Lol. I think I'm in love #owl teapot love


In a range of colorful holders, these Filled Owl Candles add a woodsy scent to any room in your home.

(west elm)

Knitted owl.... no directions, but if you are familiar with cables, you could prob figure it out. Many owl patterns on Ravelry, but don't have the seed stitch in the "body" like this one does.


Plante Spring 2014 Overalls | Henry Happened




Ulla Johnson Spring 2014

(ulla johnson)



embracing the #overall @Blair R Eadie // Atlantic Pacific #spring2014 #bloggersweheart

(dianiboutique.com )

Free People Washed Corduroy Overall

(free people)




Im really jonesin for owls & overalls….xoxoxo


One thought on “Owls & Overalls

  1. And to think we never thought overalls would make a come back 🙂 and I loved them then and do all over again.
    Love the owl plates they are just so farm popular, I wonder what sort of animal will make it to the popular trend list next.

    See you seen dear, looking forward to what’s going to inspire you next?


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