Creating Style…….

There is style E V E R Y W H E R E. I am forever inspired. Not just by the big picture either. The placement of a rooms interiors…..for instance, V E L V E T. soft & plush. When I look at a room that has completely caught my eye, I review every.single.thing….I study all of it. You see a pretty room…..Im looking at the chipped paint on the walnut bed frame or pehaps the exposed brick blending seemingly with the pecan flooring. I dont have one “style” I have so many and love that so many blogs can be found depicting such….I love French Farmhouse, Boho Chic, Industrial Chic, etc. I love mixing old with new, I love using passed down favorites, thrift store finds and new sea glass.

I want to have a place where all is accepted, where all will fit in, no matter what the style may be. We should find the inspiration in all….we are bound to admire something that another favors. It would be nice to have a blog where one feels comfortable in expressing what makes their heart sing, instead of sitting back and wishing we would speak up as it may not please the fellow blogger whose style we admire so much….We crave the attention of others in hopes we receive their approval, when really all we need is our own approval of our own design.

Here are some inspirational photos I am completely crushing on. You should really study each photo…what first catches your eye? what makes your heart sing?





(Atlanta Bartlett)






(unknown source)





F A R M H O U S E  L O V E





F A R M H O U S E  L O V E












F A R M H O U S E  L O V E



I feel like I can stare at these photos for hours minutes on end and find something new every time. I feel each photo. I feel it in my bones….How fantastic would it be to have exposed brick in your home? Exposed beams (swoon)? Architectual windows as headboards, rustic grainsacks with plush velvet? Knitted throws calming a rust colored chair? Sea glass and pure white? I love it all. Take a girl like me and throw me in one of these photos….and I will purposely lose myself, perhaps add a layer or two of more imagination…..pure bliss is what these interiors showcase for me….



One thought on “Creating Style…….

  1. Every room catches my eye, I feel a calm come over me when I see this much earthy beauty. I so agree with you at what catches ones eye, and of course the first photo I noticed right off the bat the shutters, and the washed wood floors, then down to the leather chair.

    The room with exposed brick has always been a dream of mine to live am outset theses authentic walls. Oh the whiteness of that room with a long white bench up against the armoire, the grey enter island in a room that takes my breath away, could I be happy with any of these rooms rather then one, of course you could give me any one of these spaces to make one of them home, amazing photos Ashley, I saved some of them in my favorites.

    Thank you beautiful for taking the time to visit me! I feel so honored that you would life my spirits with all you have to say about my creations.
    You are a friend to adore.

    How is baby sparrow doing, I just love saying that name, I told you that my friend named her son Finch 🙂 and love that tooo! I am sure he will be called fin 🙂

    I now added you to my inspiration bloggers, you are now on my side bar, you may have to click onto show more!

    Lots of inspiration your way.


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