Creating A Love Story Out Of Death….

granny and papa

Good looking couple right?!…..My Papa and Granny…..papa passed over 10 years ago and granny passed July 4th 2014. Death has hit my family hard over a course of years….we all experience death at some point or another but I cant help and think that we have had over our fair share.

Death seems to go hand in hand with love, does it not? Think about it….death gives us that sting, that “stop us in our tracks”, that feeling of possibly being ran over, that feeling that our heart has literally dropped from it’s firm holding place to now the pit of our stomach where nothing seems secure… we not experience the same feelings towards love? That sting, that heart dropping moment? And nothing is more certain in life than death and love….we can always count on those two happening…more than once.

I have so many fond memories of these two magical people. They were both hard-working, the exact epitome of “Country Living”, loving, kind, stern, teachers, givers. They loved eachother so much and it showed…..I saw it at a very young age and thought to myself that having that kind of love…well, then nothing else could possibly matter.

I cant help but feel bittersweet…..I now have no grandparents left, something I quite possibly could feel envious towards others about. But I feel that with my papa and granny and my grams and gramps, I cant help but feel delighted they are all together, they were meant for one another.

Funny how we could do without anothers “wisdom” but after their gone, we long for nothing more, we long to just ask them one last question, to say one last goodbyes and i love you’s and such. I long to have just a little more time…….but death is inevitable, just like love. I want to love the time spent, love the memories and pass it on to my children.

In heartbreak there is love….somewhere….but it’s there. Its in the memories, it brings families and friends together……Death is a necessity as much as love is. We need death.. to continue on, truly we do even though we may feel we absolutely cannot go on, we must……because in death we find love and love is worth dying for. All kinds of love…..perhaps between lovers, parents and their children, complete strangers even……hold on to it, feel it, live it, breathe it, so that by chance, when the inevitable happens, we will find love…it will be restored once again


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