…..Hello There…….

I have pondered so many ideas on how I should start my first post….and I’ve had a lot of great ideas….but, like most of us, life didn’t slow down for me to write that “perfect post”. And, what exactly do I want from this blog? An audience? A diary? I don’t really know I suppose…I’m just going to roll with it. I have had a couple of blogs in the past, but I found that I was trying to keep up with other well known bloggers and adopting their ideas, or style, or design and my heart just fell out of it….but this blog is me….just me (and him and them). I have a him….a him I have been married to for almost 10 years (crazzzy) and from these 10 years we have created 2 little hims and 2 little hers =) I love ( I N  L O V E ) with vintage interiors (think French Farmhouse, industrial chic, etc.), baking (chocolate….need I say more ) a hippy at heart, barefoot mama living in a city, but in my mind I live out in the country, I trade home-grown produce with neighbors, a little obssessed with Coffee, and trying to do my best as a mom and wife……Follow along if you want some good reading….I know i will offer some good laughs, cries and some other emotions……xoxo ~Ashley


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