Small Home, Big Ideas

after searching and searching (about 70+ homes) myself, a two year old and an 8 month old stumbled upon a home. a home that didnt necessarily thrill me from the looks of the outside. i only agreed to look at the home because it was in the area of another potential home. myself, two children and real estate agent couldnt even step-foot inside due to a miscommunication with the seller, so i looked in any window that allowed a view inside. after looking in about four windows, i called my husband at work and told him that i wanted to make an offer on the home, a home i only saw through windows and he said “let’s do it”.

once i was able to do a walk through….i fell….fell hard. yes the kitchen was painted an awful peach, yes the bathroom tile was the same peach and brown, yes some of the ceilings were covered with gross cardboard tile and there was no central a/c (yes, a luxury that seems to be a must during these california summers).

i have the ability however to see more. i did see those things and perhaps that is why the house was on the market for so long, but what i truly saw were the original heart of pine wood floors, the craftsman style built-ins, the simply fantastic brick fireplace, the antique floor furnace, bay windows, original antique crown molding, i even fell for the quirkiness of the doorways. when others ran, i accepted, i loved, i nurtured.

fast forward 7 years and adding two more children. i must mention this is a two bedroom, ONE BATH home (gasp!!) 80+ in age and 1400 sq.ft. was perfect in size at the time, but it is growing a bit small these days. i have heard a lot over the years from various people who live in the same “cookie-cutter” houses, same sq.footage, no charm, same floor plan, nothing quirky, same gardening scheme, etc. etc. i just cant follow that path folks, that is not where my heart is. my heart belongs to the homes that have been loved and have much more love to give.

lately, quite a bit, we have contemplated moving. more space, new environment, new town, but the same quirkiness and love that we have grown so use to. i dont have it in me to sell my home right now, i have poured everything i have and then some to make this home i have. renting is an option and in the winning, but i even have a hard time with that. i dont want random people in and out, people who dont quite appreciate the memories made in this home, people who dont care for this home like they should….like i do. ughh, whats a girl to do?!

i was cruising pinterest and you know, there are so many lovely spaces! i need to add the photos that im totally digging in this post. there is so much inspiration out there and whether i rent or sell, these are ideas that are totally keeping me up at night. while im here, i will continue to make my space, our space, more livable and enjoyable, no matter how small.

From the Living With Kids Home Tour featuring Kat Hertzler.


i adore the huge chalkboard. i painted a section of a wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint and it is used almost daily, anything from shopping lists to drawings from the kids. i love the painted legs of the table and how the top is kept rustic. mason jars with chalkboard tags? yes

Cool window...


i love white…..i truly love it. a little known fact about my home…majority of it is white, by my own accord and it is completely doable with 4 kids. the white in this room with exposed wood, i dont think it gets any better and the use of the shelving from the wood, a total space saver.

(vintage-house blog on pinterest)

a tall, slender cabinet like this is perfect for my home to provide more storage. once again, the white is the perfect shade and really makes the aqua color on the wheels pop. the flooring is way cool and provides a softer element with all of the heavenly chipped paint.



i really want something like this for the kids crafts and such. super cool



this one too….pure goodness. and a huge mirror which allows a room to appear larger.

f r e n c h  f a r m h o u s e


i really love the idea of getting a big ‘ol work table, pulling up a couple of benches and calling it a day. the table above has a pull out drawer, how handy to have and put silverware, napkins etc. complete with a simple flower arrangement. definitely my style.



this little space is perfect. having a small awkward space is not uncommon in older homes. however, smaller spaces should not go un-noticed or be neglected. this is perfect for a little office area or homework station. add a couple of plants, some vintage coffee cans for crayons, pencils, etc.

Beautiful Bedroom


more built-ins and more tones of white.


so, this perfect. i have nothing else to say.



the sink is rad. it reminds me of a quiche dish and i love the table base. rustic wood. snow white brick. fixtures attached to the wall. love

love the rustic look of the wood


great storage. great sink. great fixtures. great colors. i adore this space


i could add many more photos, but i will stop here. xoxoxo

im a dreamer. a believer. i am. my surroundings may not always allow it though. for as long as i can remember being a dreamer is kinda my thing. my very being wouldnt be content any other way. "a DREAM is a WISH your HEART makes" - cinderella



a dreamer has the ability to become lost. i need to be lost sometimes for this is when i truly find myself. a good book. a mysterious door leading to somewhere enchanted. or sitting alone and collecting my thoughts. all of these are a bit like possessing a magic wand.

with a wave of my magic wand

(barbara cb)

a magic wand taking you where you want to go. where you want to be.

i quite often have this image that im running, not for “for my life” running, but perhaps playing a game of catch with my littles. we are so content. laughing. my girls wearing a crown of forest moss and wildflowers. and my boys with their makeshift bow & arrows from the findings of wood on the forest floor. all are barefoot, feeling refreshed from the morning dew on the velvet ground, covered with all sorts of moss.

Woodland Newborn halo Photo Prop Moss and flower head wrap

(greybirdnest on Etsy)

its the same dream……quite often. i flourish when im lost. my creativity flows. i move to a different rythym. gracefully and quick like a fawn.

Story Inspiration: A girl with light auburn hair and freckles stared at me. I looked at her, from the ground where Quint had left me. She began to grow antlers from her head. Then her face took form of a snout. Slowly, she transformed into a deer. Not a fully grown one. Just a fawn. She stared at me again with beady, deer eyes, then galloped away.


i see my own babes have inherited this lost nature. at times it prohibits them from accomplishing simple things. but they are pure. they are fresh. so when the nature for becoming lost calls them….they go. without a care in the world. and i simply love it. i love it because they understand what it means to dream. how does one accomplish such greatness without a dream?

you need to dream. to believe. to put faith in. to be lost.



the inevitable is happening….right now, this very second. my babes are growing up. we know this is bound to happen, but maybe not quite aware how rapid. my heart is a bit anxious, worried, excited, heavy even? i have 4 “thems” and 3 of them head off to school next week. i know, i know, my babes are so young but honestly, i dont want to picture them as adults just yet, i want them to be kids, i want them to enjoy life in the genuine matter that kids can only seem to do. i dont want them to experience a world just yet plagued with problems that they just cant grasp, besides the basic algebra. is that wrong of me. i dont particularly think so. i will now have a new school babe, fresh off to kindergarten….and that is where my heavy heart comes in. i became a stay at home mom when i was pregnant with her, so she has never experienced daycare, nor has she experienced pre-school….i am, to say the least, heartbroken. and i can tell she is nervous, so of course i play it cool, tell her all the amazing things she will learn and all the friends she will make, but what if? what if every.single.kid in that school doesnt like her, like they absolutely should (in my opinion anyhow =). what if she gets made fun of because she cant quite pronounce her r’s. what if she has an accident at school because she fogets to use the restroom. so many concerns and thoughts and it only gets worse as the day approaches. and i may or may not would be okay with getting a call before school starts, that the school is no longer, forcing the kids to stay home with me (because apparently there is no other school they could go to in my mind haha, no logic there folks) my husband tells me all will be okay, she will do perfectly but its just in our nature to worry, to make sure every gosh darn thing goes perfectly and smoothly, even if i have to give the stink-eye to the kids who you just know are sketchy characters (yikes, i just said that!)

with this, i add a new 4th grader and 2nd grader to the mix. lilli (the new 2nd grader) is crazy excited, she has informed me countless times she wishes she could go to summer school. she is so book smart. however, she is excited to add to her ever growing list of friends. definitely dubbed ms. popular and she is what you would imagine i suppose rad.

xzavier, x-man, x to the z, zave, whatever his nickname is for the day, he is my new 4th grader. and hear me out and mothers of sons im sure you already know why. he is growing up. he has taken a liking to a couple of girls (i comletely just got sick typing that) i refuse to openly acknowledge it because also in my world, i shall be the only woman for him. he is my heart. him and i are crazy alike so it is not always fantastic when we are together. he made me a mother. he allowed a part of my soul to open to accept true love. he loves with his whole heart and i pray to God he will never lose that.

so, this is essentially my last week with just us for awhile. it will be sparrow and i. and for sparrow, i feel sad. he has counted on his siblings waking up each morning with him, loving him like a bunch of maniacs, spoiling him like i have never seen in my life and then one day, he wont have that, he will be stuck with me for 6 hours. my poor baby.

i am excited for my little loves, the journey of growing and helping them along the way, but it would be an absolute lie if i said i wasnt worried, afraid, concerned, protective and everything else that comes along with being a mama.

i already miss them

applehill2013 (2)


applehill2013 (15)

kids (6)

kids (36)

laketahoejuly2012 (4)


(this was my guy when he was 4, now he’s 9….and this was his smile)

kidsjuly1st2014 (2)

(my girls, my new 2nd grader and my new kindergartener)

sparrow (7)

(sparrow at 4 days old)

sparrownov (4)

(sparrow at 5 months)

sparrowjune2014 (5)

(sparrow present day)


i need to find baby, baby pictures of my other loves….for this is how they will forever remain in my mind. i will surely miss our summer, lazy days, park trips, late movie nights, ice cream sundaes for dinner and so many other memories that i will hold very close until the next summer arrives to add more memories.









Owls & Overalls

2 words…..2 words that excite me. I know the owl theme has been around for awhile and I have thought their “cute” but would not inherit here in my home decor choice because everyone has them or uses them. Then, the popularity kinda fell flat and thankfully it did, because now I’m really diggin’ the style……there are owl candles, bedding, pottery, masks, etc. and I find myself not purposely looking, but they find a way into my home. Chic way to decorate for Fall too.

For the 2nd word….overalls. They have made a comeback in a B I G way and that folks, totally gets me thrilled. I have forever and ever loved overalls and was completely okay that I was the only one who liked them. When I was younger, I faithfully rocked my grams’ vintage Ben Davis overalls……A L L * T H E * T I M E.

2 things on my Fall must-haves Owls & Overalls.

Graphic Owl Duvet


Gorgeous Mask.  VELVET OWL MASK by TheseWoods on Etsy, $389.00

(thesewoods on Etsy)

I don't care if it makes me the biggest hipster in the world to admit this: I love these plates.There. I said it.

(west elm)

Found this and had to pin it somewhere. Lol. I think I'm in love #owl teapot love


In a range of colorful holders, these Filled Owl Candles add a woodsy scent to any room in your home.

(west elm)

Knitted owl.... no directions, but if you are familiar with cables, you could prob figure it out. Many owl patterns on Ravelry, but don't have the seed stitch in the "body" like this one does.


Plante Spring 2014 Overalls | Henry Happened




Ulla Johnson Spring 2014

(ulla johnson)



embracing the #overall @Blair R Eadie // Atlantic Pacific #spring2014 #bloggersweheart

( )

Free People Washed Corduroy Overall

(free people)




Im really jonesin for owls & overalls….xoxoxo


I have this feeling of being “lost”….looking all around for that familiarity that I once knew. How did I lose my way? Would it make sense that doing routine things everyday, things that would appear familiar creates some sort of lost feeling.

What exactly did I lose….myself I suppose…..and I think that perhaps it’s okay when raising a family. I want to feel something…..have you ever had the slightest paper cut that by habit you would put slight pressure on just to feel the wound, to know that you can feel? I have……

I have been wanting so much to feel God wrap His love around me…….my whole being, to feel tingles because His love encompasses me so……I need and crave it. I have had quite a few convos with the Big Man upstairs as of late… me find my way….show me, dont allow me to become lost……..

I stopped looking for the familiar and just decided that hey, I’m kind of a lost soul, I didn’t want to be one, I dont want to raise my children while Im not even sure of who I am……but today, without looking, something familiar, something I once knew came back to me

There were trees outside with honeysuckle pink blossoms dancing like ballerinas, dancing to a song that the wind created as the light wind rustled through the leaves, a song that only nature could create, a song that was pure perfection. As I walked closer the scent of these blossoms filled me, filled me to the brim and it created an apparent smile that wasnt worth hiding from anyone….you see, the scent was my Grams, it was her….The smell was so familiar, it was a mixture of euphoric, magical, peaceful.

With the hue and scent also came along was a sense of calm….I was still within myself, allowing myself to just be, to recognize who I am and what I will be. I will have my own song that nature will create for me and my own dance to follow suit. I will not be lost, but positively free….I will enhance the teachings to my children, not to lose sight of who they are and who they will become…..they will become something…..and I will become the illustration to show them how.

Thank you God……thank you Grams for the song and dance



(Kiara de Krosse via Pinterest)

She Got Style……

I guess Im on this style kick right now…..My last post was geared towards the interiors of homes and I want to continue, but focus on what I wear (or wish I could for that matter) I mentioned in my last post that I love so many different styles and it is no different when it comes to fashion.

I must say what I absolutely love is when someone asks me “Where did you get your Top?” “Your shoes are totally rad, where’d you buy ‘em?” No joke, 80% of the time my answer is usually a thrift store of some sort or clearance. I have 4 babes and a hubby, so lets be real…this mama takes the back seat when it comes to buying something “new” besides, I love the hunt, but really love that style can be achieved on a budget! Take notes folks….you want a bargain? Look for it….you’ll find it.

One thing to always remember there is almost, always a cheaper version of the expensive version, that goes for home decor and clothing and not talking cheaply made, just talking price tags here.

Goodwill for instance, receives a large amount of product from Target, that being their main supplier and not sure if you have one in your town, but here we have a shop called Crossroads…Im talking BCBG, Dior, Chanel and some boutique names from about $4. Im not a “brand” kind of a girl, but speaking in truth, I do feel a bit glamorous if I have Banana Republic pure silk dress (with price tag of a couple of hundred still on the dress) but paid $10. Check it out! On that note, here are some styles that are totally achievable thrifting and clearance-ing.

















(brook linder)

tina givens couture
















So I have something very similiar if not the same thing in every picture that I paid no more than $20 (and that is a splurge for me) I dont get to often, but if I see that perfect scarve, statement necklace, incredible flats, totally rad clutch, my sweet, adoring, patient, kind-hearted (totally buttering him up right now) husband gives me the go ahead. I would love to know what is your style? What cant you live without? Favorite hotspots for great bargains? Enjoy!

Creating Style…….

There is style E V E R Y W H E R E. I am forever inspired. Not just by the big picture either. The placement of a rooms interiors…..for instance, V E L V E T. soft & plush. When I look at a room that has completely caught my eye, I review every.single.thing….I study all of it. You see a pretty room…..Im looking at the chipped paint on the walnut bed frame or pehaps the exposed brick blending seemingly with the pecan flooring. I dont have one “style” I have so many and love that so many blogs can be found depicting such….I love French Farmhouse, Boho Chic, Industrial Chic, etc. I love mixing old with new, I love using passed down favorites, thrift store finds and new sea glass.

I want to have a place where all is accepted, where all will fit in, no matter what the style may be. We should find the inspiration in all….we are bound to admire something that another favors. It would be nice to have a blog where one feels comfortable in expressing what makes their heart sing, instead of sitting back and wishing we would speak up as it may not please the fellow blogger whose style we admire so much….We crave the attention of others in hopes we receive their approval, when really all we need is our own approval of our own design.

Here are some inspirational photos I am completely crushing on. You should really study each photo…what first catches your eye? what makes your heart sing?





(Atlanta Bartlett)






(unknown source)





F A R M H O U S E  L O V E





F A R M H O U S E  L O V E












F A R M H O U S E  L O V E



I feel like I can stare at these photos for hours minutes on end and find something new every time. I feel each photo. I feel it in my bones….How fantastic would it be to have exposed brick in your home? Exposed beams (swoon)? Architectual windows as headboards, rustic grainsacks with plush velvet? Knitted throws calming a rust colored chair? Sea glass and pure white? I love it all. Take a girl like me and throw me in one of these photos….and I will purposely lose myself, perhaps add a layer or two of more imagination…..pure bliss is what these interiors showcase for me….


Creating A Love Story Out Of Death….

granny and papa

Good looking couple right?!…..My Papa and Granny…..papa passed over 10 years ago and granny passed July 4th 2014. Death has hit my family hard over a course of years….we all experience death at some point or another but I cant help and think that we have had over our fair share.

Death seems to go hand in hand with love, does it not? Think about it….death gives us that sting, that “stop us in our tracks”, that feeling of possibly being ran over, that feeling that our heart has literally dropped from it’s firm holding place to now the pit of our stomach where nothing seems secure… we not experience the same feelings towards love? That sting, that heart dropping moment? And nothing is more certain in life than death and love….we can always count on those two happening…more than once.

I have so many fond memories of these two magical people. They were both hard-working, the exact epitome of “Country Living”, loving, kind, stern, teachers, givers. They loved eachother so much and it showed…..I saw it at a very young age and thought to myself that having that kind of love…well, then nothing else could possibly matter.

I cant help but feel bittersweet…..I now have no grandparents left, something I quite possibly could feel envious towards others about. But I feel that with my papa and granny and my grams and gramps, I cant help but feel delighted they are all together, they were meant for one another.

Funny how we could do without anothers “wisdom” but after their gone, we long for nothing more, we long to just ask them one last question, to say one last goodbyes and i love you’s and such. I long to have just a little more time…….but death is inevitable, just like love. I want to love the time spent, love the memories and pass it on to my children.

In heartbreak there is love….somewhere….but it’s there. Its in the memories, it brings families and friends together……Death is a necessity as much as love is. We need death.. to continue on, truly we do even though we may feel we absolutely cannot go on, we must……because in death we find love and love is worth dying for. All kinds of love…..perhaps between lovers, parents and their children, complete strangers even……hold on to it, feel it, live it, breathe it, so that by chance, when the inevitable happens, we will find love…it will be restored once again

No Fancy Camera….Real Life Photos

I enjoy seeing these photos across blogs that depict these images of everything just perfectly perfect. all of the photoshop, the different ways to create a perfect image….well, I dont have that…I dont have those expensive cameras to create a perfect life…I just have a “point & shoot” little camera that I lug with me everywhere to capture “that” moment….you know, the moment you never want to forget? To be completely honest, I have not posted too many pictures of my babes, myself, my hubbs, my home, my garden….anything! Why? because it is nothing like the other photos that I adore so much, I dont have the perfect pose, the perfect anything and I absolutely dont have the time to constantly take “selfies” until I get it just right….the ones I have taken, there is usually a chubby little hand or foot or a dog, or crumbs on the floor and usually a juicebox or sippy cup thrown in. and f.y.i, i am saving to buy one of those cameras, but for now, I dont want to refrain from posting whats real….like this awkwardly double chin that appears on me in photos (i swear it isnt there normally) or when I get a picture just right of my 13 month old but there is a kid in the background being ridiculous, or posting my cupcakes and noticing I didnt quite move the diaper rash cream (why is that on my kitchen counter?) completely out of the way. but this is us….this is me, this is him and this is them….perfectly imperfect…..

kids (44)


kids (45)

dec (15)

fambamsep2013 (10)

kids (55)

kids (56)

sparrowjune2014 (2)

sparrowjune2014 (6)

adrian (5)

newyearseve2013 (12)


Apple Galettes……

I found this recipe on the amazing blog The author of the blog Jessica has some insanely fantastic recipes (all of which I would love to make….all right now ;)

Anyhow, I changed just a couple of minor details for mine….you can find the original recipe on her blog, but I will only be typing my recipe here.applegalettes (16)

The  above photo is my finished result….amazing, right?!

What I first did was peel, core and thinly slice the apples. I used Granny Smith, but when apple season arrives here (in the Autumn) we do our annual apple picking as a family and I make sure to buy Jonathan and Jonagold apples, a mix of these with Granny Smith is pretty awesome stuffapplegalletesapplegalletes (2)

Here is a pretty good idea on how thin the slices should be.

Two large apples were perfect for 4 galettes (which is how many I made)

After slicing these bad boys, I mixed

2 tablespoons brown sugar

applegalletes (3)

3/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, a sidenote, I used Saigon cinnamon, bolder, spicier….Im a cinnamon girl… should also try vanilla cinnamon

applegalletes (4)

1 teaspoon of cornstarch

applegalletes (5)

1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice

applegalletes (6)

Mix these together and make sure you coat the apples well so each can absorb that spicy sweet taste.

applegalletes (7)

Now for the dough….I cheated folks, I flat out cheated…..I did not use homemade pie crust GASP! Shocker I know, but it turns out when you buy refrigerated pie crust it is super easy to measure and such, but I plan on doing a post on homemade pie crust and why people are so afraid to make it….possibly because there are many to choose from…I dont really know….so here is my crust

applegalletes (8)

You need 4 flat circles, so I unrolled each crust, cut in half which then formed 2 half circles. Roll each half circle into there own ball of dough

applegalletes (9)

Find a rolling pin, which apparently is now my 13 month olds toy, and flatten the dough out until it is about 1/8 inch thick

applegalletes (10)

your flat disk of dough does not need to be perfect and if needed use a tad bit of all purpose flour if your disk is sticking to the surface or rolling pin

Here comes the fun part…add the mixture of apples to the center of each disk, making sure to leave a 1 inch border to the edges for easier sealing

applegalletes (11)

seal up the sides of the dough and pinch the seams to make sure everything is secure

applegalletes (12)

And do you see the juices left in the bowl where the apples and spices were married?? Please do yourself a favor and pour it on the tops of the apples…you will be glad you did ;)  To bake these make sure you line a cookie sheet with PARCHMENT PAPER, not waxed….easier cleanup, your welcome ;) You must make an egg wash too….1 egg with 1 tablespoon of water, mix them both together very well and brush the sides of the dough with it and then sprinkle on some coarse sugar for a delightful golden brown crust with a sweet crunch. Bake at 400 for about 27-33 minutes, sketchy times I know, but the weird times always create the best baked goods.

Now for the sauce…..Yes there is a sauce and must be made, why? Because there is whiskey in it of course (and caramel too)

applegalletes (13)

Here is another way I cheated….I did not use my outstanding homemade caramel for this one, but had some caramel unwrapped chews on hand, so used these instead….24 to be exact.

Add 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and 1 tablespoon of bourbon to a small saucepan….I used Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon.

Bring to a STEAM in the saucepan, not boiling, over medium-low heat. Add the caramels A N D to sweeten the deal, add about 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (NOT table salt)

applegalletes (15)

Stir constantly until smooth and pour   drizzle the warm heavenly sauce over the galettes ……I know it’s temtping but try to refrain from licking the caramel out of the saucepan, its hot. I also added just a smidge more of sea salt over the finished result

applegalletes (17)

applegalletes (18)

This dessert was absolutely perfect…a rustic treat with warm cinnamon covered apples, a flaky golden crust and sweet caramel bourbon sauce with the warmth of sea salt. It was pure magic….This would be ideal to use with pears too….